Eryck Abecassis/Lars Åkerlund


CD, Mikroton Records
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"... this is some heavy type of electronic
music. Noise, however, is not the preferred genre here, as they know how to be quiet, as the
proof in 'Aruk'. That's the longest piece here and it moves from inaudible to loud and from drones
to cracks and back again. This is something to play with considerable volume so that the quiet
parts get the attention they deserve and the loud section form this pleasantly oppressive wall of
sound, ripping your speakers gentle apart (almost). This is an excellent and one that should not
only appeal to modular aficionados." FdW, Vital Weekly 1215 (

Nominated to the best experimental music 2019 at the Manifestgalan Awards.


(Kasper T Toeplitz/Lars Åkerlund)

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